Run Pass Opinion is your source for honest Titans opinions and analysis. We are passionate about delivering deeply informed analysis, unrelenting optimism and lots of laughs.

Since 2005, Benjamin Scott has been the host of the Music City Miracles podcast for SB Nation. Brandon later joined the show and has since become a prominent voice in the Titans community.

In 2016 the team added Matt Neely. Who made his name creating dank memes for the Titans subreddit. 

Matt Nicrone joined the RPO squad after ending his highly successful Titans podcast, Two Tone Uncensored.

In 2017 we decided to create Run Pass Opinion to continue the regular podcast here without any limitations. We wanted to create a podcast and website that we were in complete control over. 

Since launching the podcast in May 2017, we have become the #1 Tennessee Titans podcast. Thank you to everyone for listening and for the reviews. We will continue working to improve the show based on your feedback so keep it coming!

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