So John Ross Ran A 4.22 40-Yard Dash At The Combine...

So John Ross Ran A 4.22 40-Yard Dash At The Combine...

As if this year's draft couldn't get any more interesting, this happens. 

Mike Williams and Corey Davis were the top 2 receivers heading into the combine. However, John Ross quickly got himself into that discussion by breaking Chris Johnson's record in the 40-yard dash. That type of speed only comes around once in a decade (maybe even once in a lifetime).

So that puts the Titans in an interesting spot. Just 4 days ago, the Titans were linked to a rumor involving a trade for Brandin Cooks. Cooks would be a great fit in Tennessee. He would fill the need for a receiver that can go over the top and spread the field. But that was before John Ross broke the speed of sound at the combine.


Now the combine is over. So what should the Titans do in the draft?

Here are some options:

Draft Jamal Adams Or Malik Hooker At #5

Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker are going to be a big-time safeties in the NFL for years to come. Pair either of them along with Byard and the Titans would have one of the most ferocious young pair of safeties in the league. Even though it was a blowout, Clemson did not throw the ball around Hooker during the Fiesta Bowl


To me, it makes since to draft Adams or Hooker at #5 and address the WR position with pick #18.

Also important to note: Adams can block

Draft Mike Williams, Corey Davis, or John Ross at #18

Williams is still the best wide receiver in this draft. If the Titans drafted him at #5 I would also be completely fine with this. After watching the National Championship I just can't overlook what Williams did. He completely dominated a secondary that has 2 potential 1st round picks at cornerback. But was most impressive for me was the catch he made on Clemson's final drive. I want someone that can do this during crunch time:

John Ross would be an ideal fit for the Titans as well. That being said, I have my reservations about him. Ross went to school at Washington. You know who else went to Washington? Jake Locker and Bishop Sankey. Honestly, it has nothing to do with anything. I'm juest still weary about taking players from that school. Ross is more talented than either Locker or Sankey. His highlight tape speaks for itself:


Ross fills the need at kick returner as well. Which is definitely something they need to address because last year we went through 13 special teams coach and never had a punt or kick get returned more than 10 yards. 

Corey Davis is being compared to Terrell Davis, and he looks exactly like him on the football field. One knock on Davis is that the competition he played against was pretty shitty compared to Ross or Williams. However, when he got his chance against Wisconsin in the Cotton Bowl he showed out.

My jaw hit the floor during this play:


Trade For Cooks If The Price Is Right

Brandin Cooks is a damn good receiver. The Saints missed and undervalued him. For the Titans, Cooks would be the perfect fit. He's only one year older than Mike Williams and Corey Davis and has proven to be one of the elite receivers in the NFL. If the Titans can make this trade they will likely have to give up one of their 1st round picks. 

Dream scenario in trade: Titans trade #18 to Saints and one 3rd round pick. Titans get Cooks and the Saints 2nd round pick. This would put the Titans into the 2nd round and would allow Robinson to focus on defense with the 5th overall selection. That is surely a pipe dream but please don't ruin this for me.

What I Think Will Happen

Brandin Cooks will end up somewhere else. Probably the Patriots, because fuck them and they always win everything.

The Titans will draft at both the 5th and 18th position. I believe they will take Jamal Adams with the 5th overall pick and OJ Howard with pick #18. Howard had an exceptional combine. While he's not a sexy pick and not the one I would make, this is my prediction for what the team will do for it's own best interest.

If it was my choice, I'd take Mike Williams at #5 and a cornerback with the 18th pick.

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