2018 NFL Draft Pre-Combine Rankings: Offensive Line

2018 NFL Draft Pre-Combine Rankings: Offensive Line

The 2018 NFL Draft is less than 2 months away and this year's class is filled with top-level talent. There is not a consensus #1 player yet, but that does not mean this is a weak draft. RPO's very own, Matt Nicrone, has put together his pre-combine rankings for each position.  In part 1, we ranked the Quarterbacks and Running Backs. In Part 2, Matt covered Wide Receivers & Tight Ends. 

Now it's time for the big boys!

Offensive Tackle

1 - Orlando Brown 

  • College: Oklahoma
  • Size: 6’8” 360 lbs.

Massive frame, outstanding arm length and a nasty finisher.  Doesn’t always have the prettiest footwork, but Brown's physical traits and nasty demeanor give him a legitimate chance to walk right into a starting position.

2 - Mike McGlinchey

  • College: Notre Dame 
  • Size: 6’8” 312 lbs.

McGlinchey will need to add more strength and mass to his frame in order to compete at the next level, but his technique and instincts are pro-ready. McGlinchey should become an early starter at likely the right tackle position, but his ability to handle bull rushers will dictate the type of career he has.

3 - Connor Williams

  • College: Texas
  • Size: 6’6” 320 lbs.

Williams is a leader on and off the field.  Williams is a plus run blocker with plug-and-play technique across the board. Gives 100% to gain position and secure blocks. Excellent hand-eye coordination and footwork.

4 - Kolton Miller

  • College: UCLA
  • Size: 6’8” 310 lbs.

Miller has good size and arm-length. Plays with high-effort every play with the desire to win. Strong hands and upper body with the necessary foot quickness and athletic ability to stop counter spins and inside rushes.

5 - Chukwuma Okorafor

  • College: Western Michigan
  • Size: 6’6” 330 lbs.

Tremendous NFL size. Has thick, well-proportioned frame and carries it comfortably. Strong hands and upper body. He has decent footwork, but If Okorafor improves his footwork and technique issues, he'll be a quality NFL starter at either tackle spot.

6 - Martinas Rankin

  • College: Mississippi State
  • Size: 6’5” 305 lbs.

Versatile OL. Good initial get-off with kick slides. Explodes from upper body into his punch. Takes good angles. Rankin might be better suited at RT.

7 - Jamarco Jones

  • College: Ohio State
  • Size: 6’5” 310 lbs.

Jones doesn’t have any overly-impressive measurables or traits but he consistently gets the job done. His powerful upper body is likely the reason. Jones has the talent and instinct to become a solid Tackle in the league and many consider him a safer bet than others higher on this list.  

8 - Brian O’Neill

  • College: Pittsburgh
  • Size: 6’6” 305 lbs.

Good arm length. Athletic and fluid as a move blocker. Good lateral quickness and able to race ahead of the pack on pull blocks and screens. Nimble feet and good reactive athleticism to recover when beaten around the edge.

9 - Tyrell Crosby

  • College: Oregon 
  • Size: 6’5” 325 lbs.

Crosby won’t win any coaches over with his technique or athleticism. He will, however, appeal to teams who covet size, length and strength as he clearly possesses those traits. The combine will largely impact where Crosby is selected.

10 - Will Richardson

  • College: NC State
  • Size: 6’6” 304 lbs.

Richardson doesn't carry the long, proportional frame of a tackle but he's generally able to produce positive results. Richardson has enough foot quickness to handle speed if he trusts his technique, but inconsistencies against inside counters is a concern. He’ll likely fit in at RT with the possibility of moving to Guard.

Offensive Guard

1 - Quenton Nelson

  • College: Notre Dame 
  • Size: 6’5” 329 lbs.

Known for his intimidating power, Nelson is this year's most dominant lineman. With outstanding size, rare power and a block finisher who can make most opponents extremely uncomfortable. Nelson is technically sound and should be able to step right in where he left off.

2 - Isaiah Wynn

  • College: Georgia
  • Size: 6’2” 300 lbs.

Wynn is a technically sound blocker with a demeanor that his coaches will love. His pass protection will be appealing to teams looking for additional help at Tackle.

3 - Will Hernandez

  • College: UTEP
  • Size: 6’2” 348 lbs.

Four-year starter at left guard and the most highly-decorated offensive linemen in UTEP history. Hernandez has a combination of power, balance, and athletic ability. He is a plus run blocker with the anchor and footwork to handle himself in pass protection as well. Though he lacks height and length, it shouldn't affect his draft stock. Hernandez should be able to step in as an immediate starter with a high ceiling. Hernandez also had a fantastic Senior Bowl.

4 - Austin Corbett 

  • College: Nevada
  • Size: 6’4” 305 lbs.

While there will be several "adequates" on the checklist, teams may be looking for a more definitive strength to his game. Corbett is definitely sharp enough to move inside to guard or center and has good technique, but his average play strength and lack of length may be a concern.

5 - Braden Smith

  • College: Auburn
  • Size: 6’6” 303 lbs.

Smith has an NFL-ready frame and will impress teams. Smith is a grinder whose play could vary greatly based upon the matchup across from him. He's really strong but he's not a consistent finisher because defenders can pull him off-balance.

6 - Skyler Phillips

  • College: Idaho State
  • Size: 6’3” 324 lbs.

One-and-done blocker with serious power to smack defenders in his initial punch, but an inability to sustain blocks and ride them out.

7 - Wyatt Teller

  • College: Virginia Tech
  • Size: 6’4” 301 lbs.

Teller carries a high percentage of lean muscle mass. He’s also a weight room freak with a 400-pound power clean, 460-pound bench press and a 600-pound squat. Uses well-targeted hand placement. Consistently locks arms out in pass pro and uses them as a powerful brace to stand his ground. Possesses excellent body control and is able to maintain balance through contact with ease.

8 - Taylor Hearn

  • College: Clemson
  • Size: 6’5” 330 lbs.

Big and wide with decent initial power, but is unable to sustain blocks with consistency and will be limited when asked to block on the move. Hearn will flash some initial power, but his inability to finish means the best teams can hope for might be neutralizing his opponent from time to time.

9 - Colby Gossett

  • College: Appalachian State
  • Size: 6’5” 315 lbs.

Versatile and strong, Gossett is one of the top prospects from App State on NFL scouts' radar. The first-team All-Sun Belt pick in 2017 led the Mountaineers to a strong 9-4 season, starting all 13 games at right guard.

10 - KJ Malone

  • College: LSU
  • Size: 6’4” 322 lbs.

Broad shoulders with wide frame. Carries girthy lowers. Has frame to match and maul against men his size. Flashes impressive power in hands. Built for gap and power work. Has core strength and base power to secure and finish once he gets defenders turned.


1 - Billy Price

  • College: Ohio State
  • Size: 6’4” 312 lbs.

Freaky strength and explosiveness. Expected to crush the bench press at the Combine. Plays with excellent snap to punch quickness. Lands hands under shoulders and snatches pads gaining control of the man across from him.

2 - Frank Ragnow

  • College: Arkansas
  • Size: 6’5” 309 lbs.

Has good size and overall power for the position. Solid snap to step quickness and doesn't waste time getting to his spot. He’s a three-year starter and team captain who brings the desired level of physical demeanor to the field each game. Ragnow won't wow you with foot quickness or athleticism, but he takes smart angles to his blocks and shouldn't be limited by scheme.

3 - James Daniels

  • College: Iowa
  • Size: 6’4” 295 lbs.

Daniels is a fluid mover with tremendous initial quickness to win positioning on most every zone block he's asked to make -- both on the first and second levels. His height, weight and arm length numbers at the Combine will be critical in either solidifying his draft slot or potentially dropping him a round.

4 - Mason Cole

  • College: Michigan
  • Size: 6’5” 305 lbs.

Consistent center prospect with some position flex and incredible durability. Cole relies on athleticism over power and will have to improve his hand usage and balance in order to match up against the talent he will see in the pros.

5 - Will Clapp

College: LSU

Size: 6’5” 315 lbs.

Steady, durable and reliable, Clapp has appealing size, but he's more likely to man his position than to help make a noticeable improvement to an offensive line. His guard/center flexibility gives him an advantage over some other center prospects, but he might not start right away, wherever he goes.

6 - Scott Quessenberry

  • College: UCLA
  • Size: 6’4” 315 lbs.

Quessenberry is a burly center who plays with good balance, body control and consistency. He is average with his movements and isn't all that powerful as a drive blocker, but he does generate some pop at the point of attack and he's solid all the way around. He may offer guard flexibility as well.

7 - Bradley Bozeman

  • College: Alabama
  • Size: 6’5” 314 lbs.

Bozeman is a massive prospect for a center, and has been a critical part of Alabama’s offense. If confined to the interior of the offensive line, he is an elite center prospect. He can lock down even the biggest defenders without the constant help from a double team, but needs to improve on his footwork.

8 - Brian Allen

  • College: Michigan State
  • Size: 6’1” 300 lbs.

Allen's toughness and strength at the point of attack will endear him to offensive line coaches, but his physical limitations and likely "center-only" designation could hurt his draft standing. Allen is a player who needs to find a team with a running game that fits his style.

9 - Coleman Shelton

  • College: Washington
  • Size: 6’4” 295 lbs.

Shelton fits the average height/weight profile for the position, but his lack of desired play strength and overall anchor is a concern. Shelton's technique is solid and his initial quickness is good enough, but he needs to do a better job of gaining and maintaining positioning.

10 - Sean Welsh

College: Iowa

Size: 6’2” 300 lbs.

Sean Welsi is a capable interior lineman who will likely move to the center spot due to his lack of size and length. While Welsh isn't physically weak, he doesn't have the mass and pure power to win one-on-one matchups and he is best-suited for teams who lean on inside zone running plays. Welsh's solid technique and potential to swing from center to guard in a pinch will benefit his roster chances.

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