2018 NFL Draft Pre-Combine Rankings: Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

2018 NFL Draft Pre-Combine Rankings: Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

The 2018 NFL Draft is just a few months away and this year's class is filled with top-level talent. There is not a consensus #1 player yet, but that does not mean this is a weak draft. RPO's very own, Matt Nicrone, has put together his pre-combine rankings for each position.  In part 1(of 4), we ranked the Quarterbacks and Running Backs. Now it's time for Part 2: Wide Receivers & Tight Ends.

Wide Receivers

1 - Calvin Ridley

  • College: Alabama
  • Size: 6’1” 190 lbs.

Speed stays consistent on all routes. Smooth strides with elite separation on routes. Great hands and vision in space.

2 - James Washington

  • College: OK State
  • Size: 6’0” 205 lbs.

Washington has a top-heavy build with great build-up speed. He can escape press coverage with his quickness. Is known for his huge chunk yardage plays where he thrives on tracking down deep passes. Not really known for intermediate route running but if he cleans up his footwork he could really be a special player.

3 - Christian Kirk

  • College: Texas A&M
  • Size: 5’11” 200 lbs.

Plays with consistent tempo and really quick in and out of breaks with sharp turns. Strong upper body and hands. Not spectacularly fast but makes up for it in routes and adjusting in the air.

4 - Courtland Sutton

  • College: SMU
  • Size: 6’4” 218 lbs.

Great size, durable can go up and get jump balls. Isn’t scared of going across the middle to get a pass. Is labeled a possession receiver for his lack of speed.

5 - Deon Cain

  • College: Clemson
  • Size: 6’1” 210 lbs.

Was easily the most physically gifted WR at clemson during his time there but never fully matured into what he could have been. Great combination of size and speed. Good hands, average blocking. Immaturity issues have been a problem in the past.

6 - Michael Gallup

  • College: Colorado State
  • Size: 6’1” 202 lbs.

Physical route runner.  Light-footed, quick hands and can stop on a dime. Still needs to be coached up but has the potential to be an impact on a team.

7 - Daesean Hamilton

  • College: PSU
  • Size: 6’1” 205 lbs.

Daesean Hamilton has excellent size for a big-bodied slot receiver. Adjusts well to the ball in the air. Hamilton uns consistent routes. He was a 4-year starter and excellent character and leader. The combine will determine where he is drafted.

8 - Anthony Miller

  • College: Memphis
  • Size: 5’11” 190 lbs.

A former walk-on, Miller can work inside or outside and has been effective on all three levels. Elite ball tracker down the field. Thrives on toe-tapping on the sidelines. Creates yardage after the catch.

9 - DJ Moore

  • College: Maryland
  • Size: 5’11” 215 lbs.

Very good combination of size and speed. Quick burst and acceleration. Strong, solid hands can also be dangerous in screens and hitches. Also has experience in the return game.

10 - Auden Tate

  • College: FSU
  • Size: 6’5” 225 lbs.

Tate is a big target that plays to his size. Does decent job of setting up breaks and creating room to work. Will body up and box out defenders in space. Body control is outstanding. Does not possess NFL caliber speed but uses everything else in his favor. Should be a huge red zone target.

Tight Ends

1 - Dallas Goedert

  • College: South Dakota
  • Size: 6’5” 255 lbs.

Goedert has the ability to work all three levels of the field. His ability to make the spectacular grabs on a constant basis will get the attention of fans and media across the league. He has great vertical speed and has huge hands. He dominated a lower level of competition, at South Dakota (Division 1 FCS). Everyone wants to see how he will do against a much higher level of competition.

2 - Hayden Hurst

  • College: South Carolina
  • Size: 6'5" 250 lbs.

Hurst can play all over the field. He has a good combination of size and quickness. Has the acceleration to burst open from breaks. Extremely reliable hands (one drop in 100 career catches). Route running can be coached up but is very well rounded, overall. Will be a 25-year-old rookie.

3 - Mike Gesicki

  • College: Penn State
  • Size: 6’6” 252 lbs.

An amazing athlete. He won’t come in and help your run game with his blocking but he will go out and make plays. Smooth in his release, he can create space on second and third level routes. Solid hands. A former volleyball and basketball player, his leaping ability stands out..

4 - Mark Andrews

  • College: Oklahoma
  • Size: 6’5” 253 lbs.

Andrews is a former WR but has the TE body. He is a pass-catcher with a natural feel for route adjustments against zone coverage. Andrews is a big, reliable target who doesn't need a ton of space to make a catch. Needs work in the blocking game.

5 - Dalton Schultz

  • College: Stanford
  • Size: 6’6” 242 lbs.

An extremely tough and fundamentally strong blocking TE. Schultz was leaned on heavily as a vital part of the run blocking unit at Stanford.  He’s a capable and reliable target underneath but lacks speed and could expand on his receiving qualities.

6 - Durham Smythe

  • College: Notre Dame
  • Size: 6’5” 257 lbs.

Plays like an offensive lineman, he is a technically really sound blocker. Runs his feet on down blocks until the block is secured. Understands his landmarks and takes proper angles. Smythe will not be known for his spectacular grabs but he will catch what is in front of him.

7 - Ian Thomas

  • College: Indiana
  • Size: 6’5” 248 lbs.

His production is lacking due to a senior season filled with injuries, but it is easy to see that Thomas has NFL qualities. He's got speed to threaten seams or stack defender on deep throws. Solid hands and will fight for the ball. Enjoys using the stiff-arm Instead of conceding a tackle. Possesses good core and lower body strength.

8 - Chris Herndon

  • College: Miami
  • Size: 6’4” 245 lbs.

Still a very raw player, Herndon played WR in high school. Good release quickness into routes. Rarely used on deep routes but has that ability. His long frame allows separation from linebackers. Dangerous after the catch, often used in bubble screens.

9 - Ryan Izzo

  • College: Florida State
  • Size: 6’5” 250 lbs.

Another road grader TE. Excellent lead blocking option on the move with some nastiness to him. He has feel for leverage in his routes and how to create space down the field. Izzo has soft hands with a natural attack of the ball away from his body when able. Aggressive runner after the catch.

10 - Troy Fumagalli

  • College: Wisconsin
  • Size: 6’6” 248 lbs.

He has good size, is athletic and comes from a pro-style offense. Starts route with good acceleration from release. A combo tight end who makes up for his thin frame with determination and effort as a blocker.

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